Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sept 20th 201

First blog ever and dam for some reason im excited. I feel like my mind is so full of thoughts it just want to explode. Today started ok woke up late and didnt realize that i forgot my wallet at home. I hate the feel that you are out of sync with yourself. I always have time to look back at my life and see alot of things i couldve done differently. But after i think about it i wouldnt change a thing. I love my life , family , and friends. Tomorrow i got this big interview for a position i really want at my job. O ya i forgot to mention i work for AT&T and no i dont know when the new iphone 5 is coming out lol. i have 2 awesome brothers and 2 crazy sisters that always make me laugh when there around. I got to go for now im about to start my last class of the day. O ya i go to TSTC too but ill wait to tell you about that tomorrow. Laterz

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